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Soho News | Album | 9 November 1988

Product Inc

World Domination Enterprises. It's feasible. Get ready. 

Drop the needle. Somewhere. Anywhere. Their version of LL Cool J's "Radio" is not included, but you might hit "Funky Town" or "Hotsy Girl". You might dive into "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" or "Message 4 U People". You could come up against "Bullit Man" or "Hit Me Little Children". It matters little. The effects are much the same. 

Within seconds, there'll be the rub-a-dub bump and hump of tom toms and the smash of a snare. There'll be the scratching, scraping, scathing scrub of a lead guitar and, sooner or later, a flash of feedback. There'll be words – mumbled, garbled, burning holes within holes – all roared from the pit of the stomach. But more immediately obvious, more disturbing, more deadly, will be that rumbling assault, that ache inducing throb, that murderous thrust. It's more than a bass guitar. It's got to be. Hell, this could be the last sound you ever hear. 

"Love From Lead City" is World Dom's new LP, but one side features material already available on their "Let's Play Domination" debut. They are, however, reworkings – the "Hard Kid", "Heavy Pollution" and "Let's Go" mixes. The other side consists of songs recorded live at the Mean Fiddler in Harlesden, five in total, including another stab at "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" and the previously unreleased "Rare Mix". That's a new track, not a new mix of something. Each of them will soon resurface as the soundtrack to a World Dom video, also entitled "Love From Lead City". Of course. 

By the way, the track listing for this album comes scribbled across the top of a studio recording session information sheet. In the space for the EQ details, the band have scrawled "Forget it". In the Noise Reduction column, they've written "No way". Getting the picture? It's scruffy. It's grubby. It's savage too. As is only fitting.

World Domination Enterprises. It's certain. Ready now?

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